We are consultants in spot foreign exchange trading. Our value proposition is to find the path of least resistance to achieving investor success in the foreign exchange markets.

We actively track the progress of each recommended investment strategy on a daily basis because it’s in our interest as either risk capital investor, angel investor, agent, managed account provider or as fund manager to ensure each strategy produces an above average annual return.

Managed Accounts (Spot Forex) provides an option for the sophisticated investor either frustrated with the inconsistent results of signal providers, learners trying to master the market or for the busy individual committed to further portfolio diversification but lacking the time requirement everyday to participate.

Short-term active investing in the currency market enables your hard earned money to work smarter for you.

It’s very clear that a combination of the right tools and the right attitude enables a winning formula.

System Trading + Discipline + Diversification + Market Knowledge = FX Success

Alternative Investments are a rapidly growing investment category generally including hedge funds, Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs), FOREX managers, and certain individual managed account managers. Many of these non-traditional money management firms utilise both buy and sell strategies to capitalise on up and down movements in a variety of international financial markets.

An expanding universe of these firms have provided excellent investment returns at preferable volatility levels to traditional equity investments regardless of global economic considerations. The investment returns generated from alternative investments quite often have low correlation to the overall equity market gyrations and returns. They can potentially provide a hedge to your portfolio in times of crises. These non-traditional products can be particularly beneficial during times of extreme stock investor optimism and during the bear markets that eventually follow.

System Trading
Removing the human elements of emotion, fear and greed in trading has its distinct advantages. A system is oblivious of the last trade, treating every event independently and with equal uncertainty.

Safety of Investor Funds
We prefer to use clearing houses that are registered Futures Commission Merchants (FCM), are members of the National Futures Association (NFA) and regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

FX Capital Management has no access to your investment funds. They are held in your chosen name and funds can only be withdrawn by the account holder
All transactions are fully transparent in your account – segregated accounts. You have your own internet access and password
Risk Management
Preservation of your risk capital remains paramount. Application of a winning formula is with a view to achieving above average FX profits over the long-term. These strategies are not get rich quick schemes. It’s encouraged that investors undertake an investment period of no less than 12 months to realise the benefits of the FX market.

Risk only capital you can afford to lose without affecting your current lifestyle – capitalize correctly
Mitigate risks by continually learning about the forex markets – continually learn
Enquire of the managed account provider the likely drawdown for the investment strategy and the projected annual return – risk:reward return
Do not commit all your risk capital to any one investment strategy – diversify
Consider withdrawal of some/all of your risk capital on an annual basis – taking profit is an active strategy!
Where FX Capital Management Limited is the managed account provider/trading agent we recommend leverage at a maximum of 1:10. All trades have a stop loss in place and a trailing stop deployed to optimize trade risk-reward.

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